Singles’ Guide To Surviving New Year’s Eve.

We’re almost at the most daunting time of year for many singles out there: the endgame. Both Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be a bit awkward when you’re the only single in your entire social circle.

But don’t worry! I’ve done many of these by now and I can guarantee you this: you will have fun!

First of all: consider it just another festive night

Let’s be really honest here, the only thing we are celebrating is the earth revolving around the sun. It does that whether we cheer it on or regardless.

So what’s so special about it then? Nothing, it’s just an excuse created by humans to have a kick-ass party. Nothing awkward about it, just a night where (most of) the world can have some fun.

So let’s keep it that way, just for fun.

In order to reach this, you will say no to any situation that doesn’t meet your idea of having fun.

As an example: some family member might feel pity for you and invites you to her house to do some macramé together. You normally wouldn’t like that, at all, but you still agree because it feels like a NYE obligation now.

Don’t do it, only plan what you want to do with the people who you want to hang out with.

Now that we have the true meaning of New Year’s Eve all sorted out, let’s move on to some things that I enjoy and maybe you would as well.

Don’t wait to be invited, invite them over

My first year as a single during New Year’s Eve was stressful. I was already anxious about it from mid-November, fearing I would be totally alone.

So I waited and waited for somebody to invite me over. What happened instead is that people were telling me about their plans and gently suggesting I would be welcome, but there would be a lot of couples.

As if that would ever be a problem?

Anyway, the year after I decided to reverse the roles and just invite the people I wanted to have around me for a dinner and drinking party at mi casa.

If they wanted to go to a party afterwards, I could join them or let them go and continue with the people who are staying.

You are basically controlling the evening, which is for singles who get invited somewhere usually the exact opposite.

The caveat here lies in the organization of the party. If you’re planning to combine dining with partying, you’ll be running errands and preparing quite a long time. But it’s worth it.

It’s easier if you don’t have to do everything on your own though. Another single friend or even your parents would be a logical choice to ask for some aid.

Just make it fun for the people you invite. Try to keep the group composition like-minded, so there aren’t any arguments or even dumb fights about what music to play.

Or combine family with a party

Another one of my favorite ways, this one. You basically have a wholesome family dinner at your parents’ and set out to shake all night when it’s over.

Usually, I would visit my parents around 6 PM for some bubbles and then join them for dinner until 11 PM. We then would spend one hour drinking and counting down.

I did the actual New Year’s celebration with my parents, received some gifts and then went out. This is the start of an all-nighter, so you need to be a party-goer for this one.

So it’s like this:

  • Meet parents at 6 PM – have champagne
  • Have dinner there from 7 PM – 11 PM
  • Celebrate the new year with more bubbles 12 AM – 2 AM
  • Head to a party and try to survive 2 AM – ????
  • Regret everything the next day during a massive hangover

Or skip family, just go party with your crew

Boy, I’ve really been single for a while having done all the above and this one.

The thing is, if your family is okay with you having a social life, this works out fine as well. You’ll probably visit them the next day anyway.

This one does require the use of a “party manager”. That’s one of your friends who actually takes care of the logistics and basic planning of the evening.

Almost like creating a travel itinerary, there should be a party itinerary. As the evening progresses, you may lose members of your group due to various reasons. It’s important that everyone knows where to meet and at what times, with enough room for improvisation of course.

So sit together and look at some cool venues, book tickets or figure out how to get there and you’ll be all set for a great night out.

Or just have an amazing night by yourself

Haven’t tried this one, yet.

But I can see the joy in this as well. Especially if you otherwise have a really busy social life. It may just be the perfect day and night to just spoil yourself.

Cook or order in some amazing food, get a bottle of champagne and even some extra alcohol, plop down on your sofa and just enjoy whatever you want.

You can combine this easily with a spa treatment during the day or the purchase of an amazing new gadget that you always wanted.

The advantage is that you have 100% control of your evening and if you’re able to spend New Year’s Eve alone, it will be great.

The downside is that you’re probably still going to be connected to the internet and you’ll see pictures and messages pop up by people who are going out. This could trigger a sense of loneliness.

However, there is nothing holding you back to actually go out anyway. Got a message that some friends are at a party close by and feel like joining? Well, go and have fun. It’s your night.

But don’t get too drunk too early

Sometimes there’s a reason that your wife or husband is telling you to calm down. They know that excessive and too early drinking will lead to a black-out before midnight.

As a single, it’s way easier and even more tempting to get plastered early on. You’re in that party mood, you know? Nothing is going to stop you from having fun… except being too drunk too early.

Imagine how much regret there would be if you passed out at 10 PM and somebody had to put you to bed.

So have fun, but don’t go overboard on the liquid gold.

And always remain positive, even when everybody’s smooshing right in front of you

In fact, go kiss someone you just met. That might even lead to the end of your single life, although that’s doubtful during New Year’s Eve parties.

It’s sometimes really annoying when you’re the only single in a company of couples. Especially during New Year’s Eve they seem to forget all their fighting and start making out, preferably in public.

You could be standing there with a drink in your hands, acting all awkward. Or you could give them a big cheer and draw all the attention to them. They’ll either stop and not do it again, or love you for it.

The point is, let yourself get carried away by the positive vibe that is New Year’s Eve. If you’re going to be a pessimist about the whole thing, you’re better off staying at home alone.

This won’t usually be a problem as everything around you should be filled with joy and fun. Just don’t block it off and go with the flow.

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  1. I know you are describing New Year’s Eve but I’m going to be by myself for Christmas (I’m the designated dog-sitter this year). And there are lots of ideas here for me to choose to have friends involved!! Thanks.

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