Single mom also needs time for self-care

When you are a single mom, its very hard to make time and do something for yourself.

In the mornings you get up super early, try to get yourself ”ready” as possible for work, then you run to the kitchen, make breakfast for the kids, and if by any chance you have a spare minute, you will do the same for yourself, then you run to wake up the kids, get them to the table and eating, which is a hard enough task on its own. Then if you are lucky enough and the children are by some miracle eating in peace on their own, you will stuff your face super fast with your breakfast and a cup of coffee/thee, and rush to make the lunch boxes ready and pack the kids school bags. Before you know it, it is time to leave the house.
There goes your happy and calm morning.

Once the children are on time and safe dropped off at the school, you will rush to your job. If you are stuck every single morning in traffic, like most of us, then you know that you might be as well academic 15 mins late for work. Your boss/manager won’t be happy, and there goes the rest of your calm work day.

In the prevening you will do your best to be home on time to get the kids from the day care, which ofc you have to pay extra, coz you can’t afford a babysit, your parents are working and are busy as well, and you can’t stop the work any time earlier either. All in all you will get the kids, they will have missed you, and will be all over you. Tired and emotionally drained you will muster some left over strength to smile and hug your children, make them dinner and spend some quality time with them. By the time they go to bed, you are already at the very end of all your reserves, and will probably just lay in your bed and crash.


Make time for yourself! At least that’s what I try to do.

There have been many times that i just forgot to take care of myself. Was it because I was too busy with cleaning or washing, or I was just so tired that it didn’t cross my mind. It doesn’t even matter why. It is not right! You should never forget to care for yourself!
Caring for yourself, and making yourself happy will make you a better parent as well.
Happy mother = happy children. Simple.

Now the most important part.
How to take care of yourself?

It doesn’t always have to be something extravagant. It can be something very simple, like a warm bath, some scented candles, some relaxing music.
A pint of ice cream, a glass of wine while watching your favorite tv show.
Maybe put some music on (not too loud, or you will wake up the kids 😀 ), and dance in the dark, don’t think of your problems, or of how you look like while your dancing (thus the dark, coz it will help you concentrate on the feeling, and not on action itself).
Do some yoga. Play a bit of ambient music, stretch those tired muscles. Meditate. Enjoy the silence. It is so special. Reflect on everything you do and everything you have. Remember how amazing your family is. How amazing you are.
Sometimes if you have the time and money, you should let yourself have a nice long full body massage. I do that every now and then, and I must tell you, it helps soooooooo much!

Now how to make that extra time for yourself?

It is very simple. Steal all those little moments, hours, or minutes, even precious seconds of your day when you have nothing to do. Just do you!
Take your favorite book, read couple of pages that will bring a smile to your face.
If you have a little bit of OCD like me, you can always go and make some extra order on your desk, that always makes me happy 😀
Basically do whatever you like, whatever makes you smile. And do it whenever a chance pops up.
Don’t waste precious time on more work (at your job, or at home), don’t get carried away by your obligations. Make a break every now and then, and take time for yourself! Make that time happen. If you don’t, nobody will.

Society is not very forgiving when it comes to handling life as a single mom. No one tends to care. No one except us single moms. We know how it feels. We understand. We got you! So go do you!

Cherish all those little special moments and enjoy them fully. Soak in all the pleasures this world has to give you. You are special. You are great! Take care of yourself single mom.

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