7 Great Gifts For Single Guys Under $125

7 Great Gifts For Single Guys Under $125

Hey, guess what? We like gifts too! And we often have to buy double, because couples need two of those.

So give us a nice treat, I’ll start it off with nice gifts for the single men, which shouldn’t be that hard.

Just don’t forget to order them in time, or you might end up buying a generic chocolate fountain, which will just end up in the cupboard or worse.

A great headset or headphones

I don’t want to have my speakers on while I’m watching Netflix, not because the quality is bad, but I don’t want to hear outside noises and especially not my neighbours.

So I’ve been using headphones for years, and I’ve come to like a couple of them. Since I’m keeping this list under $125, some of those didn’t make it, but here is the one that I recommend. (and still use)

The Sennheiser HD 4.50 Bluetooth, Wireless

We all know Sennheiser, it’s a great manufacturer of quality headsets.

I bought the HD 4.50 about 2 years ago and it’s still my favourite. Especially when you travel quite a lot as it’s foldable.

The added benefit of being foldable is that it doesn’t break when you fall asleep and roll on your side (which happened to many other headphones that I used).

The sound quality is simply stunning and with the active noise cancellation, you’ll be totally immersed in whatever anime you’re watching. It also has around 24 hours of battery life (even after 2 years) and can be plugged in.

Works on your phone too, but that’s normal for any Bluetooth headphones.

So I was looking around the web for the cheapest prices and I came up with this one on Amazon for only $101.96, which is a steal, to be honest.

I bought mine in a Belgian store for almost double that, so I’d go for the Amazon store in the link above.

Something fun from their favorite sports team

My all-time greatest team is Club Bruges, a Belgian football team for those who don’t know them.

So when my friends got me the ‘No Sleep No Glory’ pyjamas for New Year’s, I fell in love with them (the pyjamas) on the spot.

I have no idea why the text is mirrored, but I wanted to use this picture as I was still drunk on it when I first wore the pyjamas.

You can buy these things at any online merchant that specializes in team goodies, but I would recommend ordering it on the official website.

It will be a bit more expensive, but those things are built to last and at least feel genuine.

Also, that’ll be the last picture of me. I’m not used to this kind of exposure 🙂

Don’t buy a game, but buy a subscription or gift card

Most single guys will also be gamers, or so I’m told. But please don’t just buy the newest or most expensive game if you have no idea whether he’d like it or not.

Truth is, you can probably not go wrong with a game that has amazing reviews, but you can potentially buy something that doesn’t work on his hardware, rendering it useless unless he buys a new $1.000 computer.

There are some really great stores out there and they all provide gift cards.

Reputable stores and their gift cards on Amazon

Can’t go wrong with these things and $100 could mean 5 games for the smart buyer.

There is another store called Epicgames.com, but I refuse the link them as I don’t respect them, being a gamer myself.

An amazing Japanese Chef Knife

I’m realizing that I’m literally creating my own wishlist here.

But how epic are those knives for any chef? I know I’ve always wanted one, hint hint.

They cut and handle like a dream, it’s supposed to be the quintessential tool for any chef.

Endorsed by cooks around the world and just plain old cool to have, these would make a great gift for any home-cook.

And trust me, any single guy who likes to cook wants to have one of these. It allows us to brag about them too…

So I went ahead and looked for some decent priced ones and once again came up with this one on Amazon, which also has a gift box.

It’s priced at $119.99 so that’s near our budget’s limit, but worth it.

And how awesome does it look?

A Good Nespresso Machine

Because coffee is life! And making coffee can be fun because your entire place will have that lovely smell.

Also, going to a café or even Starbucks every day is going to become a pretty expensive hobby after a short while.

So the answer? Nespresso, and more specifically this one:

And I know, you might click on that and see that the price is $220 or even higher. That’s because when I’m writing this, it’s on sale for $125!

So hop over on Amazon and if it still has that 50% discount, you should grab it. If not, I’d probably go for a cheaper one unless you can really afford to spend that amount of money on gifts.

A DIY Craft Beer Brewing Set

I’m from Belgium, this just had to be on the list.

And I’m holding a beer in 90% of pictures that I’m in.

Having brewed my own beers back home, I found it to be a really fun and exciting hobby. The results aren’t always perfect (and sometimes just terrible), but you learn a lot and if it works out it’s amazing.

Now to perfectly honest, if you’re serious about brewing your own beer you’re probably looking at a $5000 investment. Not counting the cost of electricity to get huge tanks to a boil.

Luckily for us, there are these fun starter kits, that allow us to toil with the process and see if it’s something we might want to do more professionally.

So, again, on Amazon, I found two sets that I think have potential. They appear to be easy in use and could provide a tasty beverage.

So the first one is the Mr Beer 2 Gallon Complete Starter Kit, which looks visually more appealing and is cheaper ($49.99).

And the second is the Coopers DIY 6 Gallon All-in-one Set. It’s more expensive ($118.25), but it just looks better to me, as someone who has tried these things.

I can’t give you my own experience with these, but they look like good fun.

Subscription for his favorite magazines

Speaks for itself, and this time no Amazon links.

I’m mentioning this because I sometimes really enjoy the feeling of holding an actual paper magazine.

I know it’s not the most environmentally friendly thing, but it feels right in certain places… like the toilet.

The good thing about a magazine subscription is that it will provide fresh content throughout the entire year, as opposed to a single book.

You’re also very sure it’ll be something that he enjoys.

Here are some things that I -personally- don’t enjoy as gifts

  • Perfume (Do I stink?)
  • Shaving apparel (I like my beard and I already have that)
  • Clothes (not gonna be my taste and probably wrong size)
  • Useless crap (Chocolate fountain, need I say more)
  • Travel vouchers (Can be nice but are often extremely limiting)
  • Fitness subscription (Yes, I’m a bit overweight, you don’t have to rub it in)
  • Books (You’re gonna buy what you THINK I like, you could be horribly wrong)
  • Board games (I’m single… can’t play that too often)
  • Paintings, posters and other stuff to decorate with (might not want to put that on my walls – just saying)
  • Pictures of you (Just no)
  • Personalized socks (Wear once, throw away)

Also, here’s a pin if you want to share it, it’s greatly appreciated 🙂

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