11 Fun Things To Do On The Weekend As A Single

Oh no, it’s weekend and you’re single! What a disaster, pure boredom is sure to be your destiny during these two days. Or wait…

There’s loads to do? Yes, really, loads. And the cool thing? Nobody is there to stop you from doing the things you like. Beat that “happy” couples during the weekend.

So here are some of my favourite weekend activities, in no particular order and for various moods and wishes. I don’t feel the same every week, you know.

Invite friends over at your place

Let’s not jump to bar crawling just yet… give me at least one other tip. I love this one more sometimes too. Inviting someone or multiple persons over is just about the cosiest thing you can do. You’re all in the comfort of a home or apartment, there are no strangers to judge you so you can be your silly selves and you can pretty much drink all you want.

It’s also a good opportunity to do some cooking. Either show off your new recipes or just have everybody cook together. You’d be amazed at what kind of delicious (and terrible) dishes come forth from a randomized cook-off.

Make sure you have enough booze and snacks, or better yet – have everybody bring something with them, and you’re sure to have a blast.

Combine this with a movie marathon or gaming session and you’ll be watching the sunrise before you know it. People will probably be crashing on your couch and the place will be messy, but that’s part of the charm.

Inviting friends over at your casa is also a good way to get that party mood started. You talk about work and life, have a couple of drink and then go to a club or bar together.

Go to a bar with friends… or alone (ooooooh!)

I always say you can never be alone in a bar if you do things right. Sit somewhere that isn’t a dark corner for sociopaths and you’ll eventually end up talking with somebody.

The main difference between going with friends and alone is your mindset for that evening. Do you want to meet new people and drink or do you want to catch up and drink? There is a common denominator there, but that’s ok, you’re here to have fun. Just replace “drink” with whatever is your poison.

Going alone can be daunting at first but it’s something you’ll very soon get the hang of. Especially when you’ve met some people who frequent the bar and they recognize you the next time you walk in. You’ll be “part of the crew” in no time.

Once you get to know some people, by going alone or with a very social bunch of friends, you’ll also have a place to hang when no one else is available. You’re basically having fun and creating the perfect backup plan for when things go awry.

Shamelessly binge that show while eating chips and candy

Nobody to judge you… remember that. Maybe remove any mirrors that show you gorging while laying half-naked on your couch.

It’s the weekend. Time to catch up on everything you’ve had to miss during the week because of annoying obligations like a job or other people.

Just fill your fridge and cupboards with all the “evil foods” that nobody is supposed to eat and indulge yourself to heart’s content.

Research (my own) has proven that doing this is an amazing way to get rid of all the stress you built up during the week. It’s, in fact, safer than going to a bar or meeting friends as there is no risk of having to listen to sad stories or dealing with others’ problems.

The only thing that will suffer for a while is your weight. Just eat a bit healthier Monday and Tuesday and you’ll be fine. It’s not like having fun every killed someone… right…?

Go to the beach and read a book

Ye, I’m bragging. I live in Greece now, I can just go outside in the beautiful weather, walk 10 mins and be on a lovely beach. So if you’re in the same position, use it to your advantage.

There’s something incredibly calming about reading while the sounds of the sea provide a gentle white noise. Holding a book is also a great way to pretend that you’re not actually constantly looking at other people. Which is probably the real reason to do it.

I tend to be overwhelmed by the calming nature of doing this and just fall asleep for a couple of hours. So it’s also quite important to be in the shade when you start.

At any beach site, there will also be plenty of cosy bars and ice cream parlours to further facilitate your de-stressing.

Calming environment, beautiful people, a good book, food and drinks, what more could you wish for?

Go for a wild ride

No, I don’t mean jump in your car and drive like a maniac. I want you to embrace the idea of potentially getting lost but discovering new areas.

So here’s what I often do, on my motorcycle: drive to a town that I’ve never been before. Then have breakfast and start to explore random streets. If I see something in the distance that looks like it might be interesting I’ll just try to make my way towards it.

That means no maps, no sat-nav, no asking for direction, just looking around and discovering new things.

By not using any kind of map you are forcing yourself to take in your environment. You’ll be amazed at the simple but beautiful things you would otherwise just miss.

Once your sense of adventure has been adequately satisfied and your adrenaline rush is over, you can use your GPS to make your way back home. I’ve often tried it by heading in a single direction or following road signs, but that can really take a long time.

Sign up for a gym membership

Yes yes, I know, not everybody wants to do this. But for those of us who just want to work out a bit, it’s well worth it. I live in a 1 person apartment, so it’s not like I have the space to install gym devices anyway.

It’s a good way to be around other people and still get your physical activity in. Most gyms have a couple of types of patrons: the noob, the social, the expert. I’m somewhere between noob and social.

That means I probably do a lot of the exercises completely wrong, but I’m also not afraid to ask for help from fellow gym members. Another great way to meet new people and strike a thrilling conversation… about exercising.

The first weeks you’ll probably be pretty much on your own. A gym isn’t a bar so there is no alcohol to help shy people start a conversation. Tip: don’t arrive drunk.

But as you frequently go back you’ll start to see familiar faces. A friendly greeting with a smile will get your social contact going. The great thing about this is, it’s consistent. Since people pay their monthly membership they’ll probably always be there every week. Meaning you’ll have a nice place to go to for health and social reasons.

Go shopping with your own credit card

Bah, that sounded a lot less cool when I said it out loud.

If you have the financial means, go nuts during a weekend and just buy a bunch of fancy and pretty things that you probably don’t need but have wanted for a while.

Nobody will tell you not to buy something, because there’s only you and you’ve disabled your common sense for a few hours.

No, but honestly it can feel really satisfying to buy new things. It’s what we all work so hard for. Even if it’s not easy to make ends meet you should still try to set something aside to buy that thing that would make you smile.

Consider it a goal that is being fulfilled.

If you’re going with friends you probably should consider what you want to buy before actually setting out. You maybe don’t want them to know about that ultra-rare Pok√©mon collection you’ve been ogling for a while now.

Gaming night! (Or weekend if you’re not careful)

Most of us probably have demanding jobs that don’t allow us to stay up until 3 AM during the week to play the games that we love.

So we have to make up for all of that lost time during the weekend. Especially if a new game released earlier that week and you’ve been dying to get your hands on it.

You can even invite some friends over and check it out together. Combine it with some drinks and snacks and you’ve got a social gaming experience without having to go online (where people do bad things to your mother).

There is a small caveat here though. Gaming is all about immersion and once you’re truly “in the game” you will lose track of all time and reality. It has happened to me before and it could happen to you.

I’ve had weekends where I started to play a game on Saturday around noon and when I wanted to take a break to was time to go to sleep for work on Sunday.

Do my patented M-D-C-D activity

Yep, get to invent my own acronym.

Market – Drink – Cook – Drink

It’s pretty much a day and evening filling plan. You start off pretty early and go to your local market (the one that’s only there during the weekend).

You spend a lot of time there looking at all the amazing fresh produce and perhaps you even get to taste some by a friendly vendor. As you march up and down the square, you think of a recipe to cook using all the fresh ingredients you can find.

Once you have all that, you find the nearest bar and have a drink while reading the newspaper or just watching people as they walk through the market.

Then comes the cooking. You’ll probably have a lot of fresh produce that will need processing and cleaning. That will take some time. So turn up the radio, roll up your sleeves and go on a kitchen-frenzy.

You can cook a single meal or just experiment with different versions. It’s all up to you and your produce.

This is an amazing exercise in creativity and it’s just incredibly fun to do if you love cooking.

Once all the work is done, enjoy a great meal. Alone or invite some friends.

Finish the evening with some more drinks, as you binge a show or play some games.

Catch up with distant friends through voice/video chat

Yet another sad side effect of the busy life: you can’t be there for everybody all the time. So use your spare time during the weekend to catch up with the people you haven’t been in contact with for a while.

There’s a huge advantage to this as they -and yourself- will have a lot to talk about if it’s been a while since your last contact.

You may even give your parents a call if you don’t want to drop by their house this weekend. Just don’t forget you’ll be spending two days fasting and not drinking alcohol, nor will you go out or do crazy things.

Join a group walk or bicycle trip

There are lots of these initiatives popping up worldwide. It’s a great way to get people to exercise and still offer them the comfort of not having to do the logistics for it.

A well-organised group activity will have a tested route, some beautiful stops along the route and plenty of opportunity for talking and laughing.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is something only old people do. I’ve been on plenty of these things and it’s mostly people between 28-55 who participate. Both couples and singles.

If you have a dog there are even special group walks for owners. Those are a lot of fun, I can tell you that!

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