15 Tips For Solo Travelers

15 Simple Tips For Travelling Alone

So you’re looking into a solo journey to that destination you love so much? That’s absolutely fantastic. But before you leave, let’s go over some tips that will make your journey even better. These prettyRead more

Why Are Smart People Often Sadder

Why Are Smart People Often Sadder?

Being smart is supposed to be a blessing. After all, the smartest persons in the world are the ones responsible for creating the stuff that everybody uses. But does being super-intelligent make you happy, atRead more

10 Reasons Why People Get Divorced

To join the singles world you must either never have had a relationship or been in one. Some relationships are long, others result in marriage, which seemed like heaven on earth in the beginning. However,Read more

Can You Have/Adopt A Child As A Single?

Short answer: it’s entirely up to you. If anyone tells you it goes against the sanctity of marriage or some religious hogwash, then banish those people from your life. They probably weren’t adding anything anyway,Read more

Moving to a new country as a single

Tired of the same views every day? Want to expand your horizons and discover amazing new things? Then moving to a foreign country is a perfect way to do so. I will be talking aRead more

Being Single and Happy

Welcome fellow single! Are you just exploring your new-found freedom? Are you worried that your life will be bad, now that you don’t have a significant other to share it with? Well, worry not. HereRead more

5 Guidelines for Blogs in 2020

Google is an ever-changing miracle of technology. Although they can be scary in the way they control so much information, as bloggers we rely on them for traffic. And traffic means money, right? So whatRead more